Here are all the versions of B.A.L.L.

Current version-

  What version? Description Released on...

Ball 3.4 (first stable release) It is less likely to crash or hang, and is more responsive to user input. Most bugs have been eliminated. Also, the console is now positioned left of the Ball window if possible. If there's not enough space left of the window, it is positioned right of Ball. Otherwise it's positioned in the center.This version is the first version that shows up on a mac. Even though the commands do not work. On windows machines, it is 100% working. Feb 20, 2009.

Previous versions-

 What version? Description Released on...

Ball 3.0 The Third version of Ball, only install if the current version is not working on your system, even though it may just make the problem work.
Ball 2.0 The second version of ball, somewhat unstable and many new commands that work.
Ball 1.1 First releced version of Ball, still unstable but with few working commands.
Ball 0.1 The Very, very first version of Ball. Unstable but the beginning.

History/Change log-