Ball 3.0.

The newest version of BALL is 3.6, Not yet released.

Baisoft All-purpose List-oriented LanguageEdit

BALL (Baisoft All-purple List-oriented Language) is a programming language created by Baisoft in Java. It resembles low-level BASIC in form and structure, but is written and implemented completely in Java.

History of BALLEdit

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The BALL project was started around May 2008. The first private release (0.1) was in June 2008, which had few features implemented. The most recent version as of writing (3.1) was released December 2008.

The BALL languageEdit

BALL's language structure consists mostly of a base instruction followed by one or more parameters.

List of Instructions:

write - writes stuff to the Console
beep - Produces a beep
new - creates a variable
set - changes a variable
hereis - defines a code pointer
goto - sets the code pointer (goes to code point)
if - conditional goto
; - comment
input - sets a variable from system input
delay - pauses the thread
end - terminates (ends when end of file reached)
redef - edits the name of an instruction
  • Whitespace is ignored. There are no other structures to BALL other than this (no quotes, braces, indenting, brackets, blocks, semicolons, separators, etc). There are, however, escape character for variables, the space character, tab character, newline character, and others.

The BALL interpreterEdit

BALL's interpreter first parses data from the JTextArea for code, then passing it as a string to the code interpreter. It also creates a console object in which to output text. The parser keeps track of several variables, most important of which is the Code pointer.

BALL supportEdit

  • The website page of BALL can be found here.
  • Also, some people enjoy eating balls.